Terms & Conditions (TAC)

1. Attendance Confirmation & Invoicing

  1. Sponsorship registration is binding once it has been received in writing of any form accepting in full these TAC, Sponsor Guidelines and any other instructions provided by the Organisers. Any sort of reservations should be communicated in writing to the Organisers, in due time, ahead of the event.
  2. Invoicing shall be carried out on confirmation of sponsorship and invoice should be settled within 30 days from issue or 15 days from the event, whatever comes first, free of bank charges. Failure to meet payment deadline may entail loss of the allocated sponsor package and associated speaking slot.
  3. Cancellations of attendance will be without any cost 45 days ahead of the event, at the cost of 20% of the sponsorship for cancellations between 45 to 15 days from the event while cancellations within the last 15 days of the event will have 100% charges on the sponsorship due.

2. Co-ordination of Sponsors & Speakers

  1. Guidelines to speakers and Guidelines to sponsors shall be communicated well in advance of the event including provisions on matters concerning successful delivery of the event, expected preparation and performance during the event etc.
  2. Sponsors are required to co-ordinate with the Organisers and prepare their speakers for the event.
  3. By participating to the event sponsors and speakers agree to the public posting of their name and logo and the subsequent distribution of presentations to the public via web and YouTube.
  4. All marketing content to be circulated throughout the event should comply with all applicable national and International legislation, local customs and practice. Organizers reserve the right to refuse or request removal of any content that may be found offensive of any form or may be regarded unsuitable of any form.
  5. Sponsors are responsible to deliver any content required, meeting relevant deadlines as otherwise instructed by the Organisers, at their own expenses.

3. Organiser’s Slot Allocation Policy

  1. As event is provided for FREE to the delegates ALL expenses are to be covered by the sponsors, therefore sponsorship is a prerequisite for service and product vendors.
  2. As organizers are interested in providing a well-rounded, sustainable event Direct Marketing will NOT be allowed during presentations in line with Speaker guidelines.
  3. Organisers reserve the right to allocate Presentation slots to keynote speakers, industry experts, associations and ship operator’s executives to the best interest of the event agenda.

4. Program Development

  1. Organisers reserve the right to finalise the conference program to the best way possible allocating slots to any organisation to their discretion to the best interest of program diversity and fulfillment.
  2. Organizers reserve the right to alter /change any part of the program/ event for any reason.
  3. An inability to fulfil the sponsor’s desire for a specific speaking slot, does not give the sponsor the right to cancel their boo- king, require a price discount, claim compensation or the like.
  4. Slot allocations will follow the deadlines announced in the event guide and will follow the principle “first come – first served” to the best interest of the agenda development.
  5. Organisers reserve the right to allocate any speaking slot elsewhere in case a registered sponsor fails to meet nomination of speaker or other important dead- lines communicated in advance regarding the conference program.

5. Sponsorship Expectations

  1. Organisers are not responsible in any way to fulfil any Sponsorship expectations beyond those explicitly described in the event guidelines and common industry practice. More specifically organisers are NOT responsible to co-ordinate any 1-1 meeting or make business introductions to event delegates.
  2. Organisers accept no liability towards the sponsor for possible low support for an event by other sponsors or delegates, or for the absence of possible key sponsors or meeting commercial sales and contact targets set by the sponsors.

6. General

  1. In the event of individual provisions of a Sponsorship Agreement or of these TAC being or becoming partly or as a whole ineffective, this will not affect the effectiveness of the remaining conditions.
  2. Any failure of the Organisers to insist upon strict performance of these TAC shall not be deemed a waiver of any Organiser’s rights or remedies nor be deemed as a waiver of any subsequent default by the Sponsor.
  3. The place of performance for all obligations resulting from or in connection with the sponsorship agreement is Piraeus, Greece.